You Better Watch Your A.S.K.

The title of this article was going to be: Your Complete Coaching Success Course that Virtually Guarantees You’ll Jump Start Your Business, Delivered in One Sentence. Then I was going to type that exact sentence and be done writing the article.

Our esteemed editor said, after he realized I was serious, in a very short concise answer…like I hoped this article would be; “No”.

I got permission to share this gazillion dollar idea if I explain it a little more and so, without further ado, I ask you to pretend like this is the title and then the one sentence will follow.

Your Complete Coaching Success Course that Virtually Guarantees You’ll Jumpstart Your Business, Delivered in One Sentence.

“How Do You Easily Achieve an Abundance of Perfect Clients That Continuously Refer You, Invest 7 Times More than You Ever Imagined, And Have a Great Time Doing It?”

That’s it. Your Welcome.

Others charge you $10,000 for 3 days for what I just wrote in 30 seconds…I type really, really, really slow.

I just told you everything you need to jumpstart your business and get those results. Now go and grow. Huh?

Oh, I see, you’re not understanding the full-blown immensity and intensity of what just may be considered the ultimate life and business lesson ever! You’re saying to yourself, it’s more of a headline than a life lesson, right?

Dang editor was right, again! Ok, I’ll share more.

Let’s try punishing you or creating pain to help you learn. No, I’m not some sadistic, demented coach that has blown out my nice-guy braincells and have turned to the dark-side.

I’ll start off and explain it this way. This will sort of be like when you touch a hot stove. You know better. You didn’t mean to bump and burn your hand. But, no matter how many times we heard it as a child, learned from our own experiences, or we’ve repeated warned others of the pain touching a hot stove will cause, we still do it.


Here’s the opposite of the above, super-duper, ultimate life and business lesson.

Why can’t I attract any dream clients, get any referrals, find prospects that want pay me my already too low fees, and quit being so stressed every day, all day?

Got it now?

Not yet? Okay, let me drop a little Tony Robbins quote on you to get this moving. “The quality of your life is the quality of the questions you ask yourself.”

I met Tony back in 1989 or 1990, before the infomercials and his book Unlimited Power was still a hardback cover. I knew nothing about personal development or motivational speakers (except for one Les Brown program a few years before on public television) until I walked into a bookstore’s discount shelf and bought Tony’s book for $2.00.

Then, about a year later, due to my martial arts business and a chance meeting, I was asked to help with security for a seminar some franchisee was holding with Tony as the presenter for a full day. He said that quote at the event, to me backstage, and on several video training I ended up watching.

It struck me hard, but it took several years for me to understand why. You see, people have quoted that often over the last 3 decades since he first wrote it. What many don’t hear is the fact that he goes onto explain that your brain (conscious and subconscious) will find answers to the questions you ask of it.

You don’t have a choice. Your self-talk and the quality of the questions you ask yourself will have a great impact on the way you respond to those questions.

When my heart stopped in April of 2000, the quality of my questions went into a negative downward spiral, fast! Very fast! I was living a dream life, my faith was higher than ever before, family was growing, and I wasn’t sure I was going to live for another week. The doctors constantly talking in y room about ‘not having any idea what was wrong and why I was flatlining every couple of hours didn’t help.

My wife crying, my mother crying, my dad getting angry (which meant he was afraid), none of this helped. I started asking why me? Why Now? What did I do wrong God?

How are my 5 businesses going to keep going if I’m not there? How is my heart stopping if I’m training with professional athletes every day, Am I going to die any minute?

You get the idea.

I fought my way back. I looked, on the outside, better than ever by 2002, but on the inside…the same questions lingered. By October 2002 my heart started stopping for longer periods of time. Got a pacemaker. Problem solved, right?

Nope, my mind was still in a free fall, for a couple years beyond all of this. Now, I was kicking butt in the coaching/consulting world. But my self-talk, my brain, my conscious and subconscious? Well that wasn’t pretty.

Why have the last 4 companies I helped grow to over $100,000/month screwing me out of my money? How can people be so cruel? Why would they…blah, blah, blah?

Finally, I remembered what Tony had told me, and several million others since then. And me, being somewhat of a wordsmith at times decided to ask myself how could I make Tony’s statement fun and easy to remember, for me?

I focused on changing my questions into positive, more motivating questions. Then the word “ASK” kept popping into my head. Short story, I decided to turn the word into an acronym.

A.S.K. would forever be Automatic Success Keys!

That was it! If your brain is going to find the answers anyways…if your self-talk and self-questioning is going to automatically give you a response, then why not ask in a way that freely gives you the answers you want in a positive way.

That was a great key to move towards success. Wait! Key, Success, and Automatic…hmmm…Automatic Success Key…or A.S.K.

Hence why you and I must watch our A.S.K. by asking the right questions.

Your brain will give you the answers you seek. Not always right away. Maybe be an hour, a week, even a couple of years. But have faith, your incredible resourceful brain will guide you to wherever you ask it to, just ask to go to the figurative mansion overlooking the beautiful beach and not the garbage dump!

So, let’s revisit the 2 questions from the beginning of the article.

The one you may unwittingly be asking yourself in some form, even if you think you are the world’s number 1 optimist: Why can’t I attract any dream clients, get any referrals, find prospects that want pay me my already too low fees, and quit being so stressed every day, all day?

Your answers to those kinds of questions will get you more of the same. Careful here, don’t think for a minute that you don’t do this to yourself in times of stress, when no one else is around and you’re not wearing your happy “coach-face”, and when you go to pay the bills and discover there is more month at the end of your money than the other way around.

I’ve tested thousands of people over the years in hundreds of live events with the simple glass half full/half empty question. Nobody has ever said half empty. Then I go to lunch or dinner with several of those same people. You know them, those smiling, joyful, self-proclaimed optimists that chant “fake it ‘til you make it” business professionals and they proceed to complain about the meal, the service, their partners, their family, their car, or dare I say it, political anything!

That’s the public side of them. Even a few recognizably-named experts that you think love you so much have laid down such venom that I have been somewhere between wanting to punch them into next week and record their angry rants and sell it to TMZ or any other “Expose the Celebrity” media. They will have just sold 7 people into a $25,000 program, after already having sold 120 people into their $2,000 weekend, and they complain that the crowd “sucks”, people are lazy, stupid, and a waste of time. {by the way, I quit doing other people’s events just because the backstage barrage of bitching made me want to barf.}

Now that second sentence that had this headline.

Your Complete Coaching Success Course that Virtually Guarantees You’ll Jumpstart Your Business, Delivered in One Sentence.:

And the sentence, stated as a question, not a statement is:

“How Do You Easily Achieve an Abundance of Perfect Clients That Continuously Refer You, invest 7 Times More than You Ever Imagined, And Have a Great Time Doing It?”

Careful! Some of you are already saying; “yea, but…” and finding negative things to say to yourself as you read. Your saying stuff like; “asking a better question won’t make me a success, I got to market, sell, and coach great.”, to which I say you are right and wrong.

Right, because you do have to do all of that and more to truly succeed. Wrong, because the idea of jumpstarting your business is to get it started, from dead to moving. Like a car, you still need gasoline, to maintain various systems, and to drive with care. But if the battery is dead, a jumpstart can get you going.

This one question stated, with A.S.K. in mind, allows you to find 4 components of your dream coaching business. Your brain looks for those answers. The answers that provide you with what you want.

That other ‘nasty’, defeatist, bitter question also allows you to find out the answers. Usually by letting you continue down that path of drudgery and doom.

Instead of: Are they going to think I’m too young/too old to help them?

A.S.K. yourself: How will my age be a great benefit for people to want to hire me?

Instead of: Why don’t Facebook ads work for me?

A.S.K. yourself: What is the smartest way for me to learn to use the world’s most powerful targeted advertising medium to attract ideal clients to my practice as easy as if I was ordering my favorite food off a fine dining menu?

Instead of: What’s wrong with my presentation, offer or me that I can’t make sales like all those people claim they do on their webinars?

A.S.K. yourself: What are the best ways to create a webinar that educates and motivates my dream clients to jump at the chance to work with me?

Instead of: How am I ever going to make $10,000/month consistently if I hate selling?

A.S.K. yourself: What is the smartest, easiest way for me to make consistent high ticket sales so I can focus purely on coaching and not on selling?

Ok, you get the idea. Your brain delivers automatic success keys to you with every question you ask, whether you like it or not. You can successfully gain too much body fat or successfully lose excess bodyfat. You still get results. Just make sure you ask with the focus on what you want.

Your brain will give you the answers, just Watch Your A.S.K.

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