Why Write A Book? Here’s 10 Great Reasons

There are plenty of reasons to write a book, especially if you are a business owner or sales professional, and if you’re a coach you should be both of those. Here’s a brief list of 10 reasons why you should write a book sooner rather than later.

  1. People will visit your web site for additional valuable information, and in this Internet age traffic to a website is huge, but prequalified traffic is even better. They’ve read your book, you now have credibility and the website is now surfed with a set of eyeballs that is there for more information, not to glance at it and leave in the first 2.8 seconds like most websites
  2. As I just mentioned in point number 1, your credibility goes through the roof. You’ve built up a certain level of credibility for yourself as the author of a book that just doesn’t happen if you place 1,000 ads on websites and in magazines. The magical and monumental effort you put out in order to be the author of a book automatically, in the minds of many, transfers credibility to you.
  3. You will become known as an expert on the subject of the book, which of course the media loves and NEEDS experts to fill up the incredible amount of information they produce every day.
  4. You become a celebrity when you are an author. Ever hear the following, “Next on Oprah, the author of…”, or “Next on Larry King, The author of…”, or “In our next segment we’re going to talk to the author of a book called…” That’s right, an author positioned properly, is considered talk show worthy, turning you into a celebrity/expert.
  5. Offer your book as a bonus for purchasing one of your products or services. Bonuses motivate to purchase sometimes, and you have additional opportunities to sell through the book and gain repeat business.
  6. Gain new leads by having people sign up on your website and give their contact information before they can download your book in a digital format
  7. Make money selling additional products that branch off from the book, like CDs, Seminars, Coaching, etc.
  8. You’ll Gain Valuable Referrals from people telling others about your book. I personally landed a $50,000 contract because a book I wrote, one business person read, and then that person referred me to the large deal with another team of people.
  9. Gain publicity for your business by sending press releases announcing your new book. I do this for all my VIP clients. I help them get the book written and published. We announce the book through press releases nationally, and then, if I get them to best seller status, we do another press release announcing that they are now a bestselling author. Think of how many media people look for experts and may see one of the releases.
  10. Dominate every Networking event and mixer just by saying you’re the author of a book and watch how many people want to talk to you with a new found level of respect and admiration.

Now the difficult thing for entrepreneurs around the world is that we are often impatient and distracted with the day to day operations involved with running our company. So finding the time to do this isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be.

That’s exactly why freelance writers, ghostwriters, and similar services have popped up in recent years, to help us get that book out of our heads and finally into print. When that happens, and the book is done, business owners often proclaim, “Why didn’t I do this earlier? This is huge for my business.”

Next problem, according to every publisher I spoke with, 98% of all self-published authors sell less than 100 books, ever! I know at least 101 ways to sell at least 1 book, so that would put you above the 100 mark! Okay, bad joke, but the point I’m making is marketing your book or your business is up to you. The celebrity positioning of being an author, especially a bestselling author, can be used to open doors to prospects offices and speaking gigs, but you have to make sure the world knows what you’ve accomplished. The books don’t sell themselves.

Wait, it gets even better! Nobody teaches you what to add into the book that will increase response to the book. That’s right, if you are a business owner you don’t just author a book, you create an entrepreneurial business system. As a coach you’d speak about how you help your ideal clients. You’d mention how to get ahold of you and your courses. You could literally walk people through steps of your coaching and explain for even more information about each step they can go to your website and get Step 1, 2, 3, and so on, in further detail. Which could translate to sale 1, 2, 3, and so on.

Your book becomes a 24/7 sales person for you. It has the ability to magnetically pull people to your business, your website, or wherever you want a prospect to go. Yet nobody reads it as a sales letter. That being said, don’t write a giant sales letter and call it a book.

So let me ask you one simple question:

“Imagine your book is finished and it is one year later. Now tell me how has your life changed? What is it you want this book to do for you?”

If your answer is something like you hope to sell “X” number of books, or you plan on getting rich from the sales of your book…then I think you may be in an uphill battle.

Why you may ask? I want you to understand that you are not just writing a book; you should be writing and expecting the book to blast open an abundance of doors you may never get opened any other way.

Doors that lead to you:

  • Getting High Paid Consulting jobs
  • Becoming a Media “Darling”
  • Being Offered High Paying Speaking Gigs
  • Increasing the Number of sales you make
  • By-Passing The Gatekeepers that think they are guarding Fort Knox
  • Attracting Influential Members of your Industry
  • Developing into a Networking Phenomenon
  • And Yes, You Will Leave a Legacy for Your Family too

Writing a book is like forging a tool for your business. It may be the most powerful too you have in your whole toolbox. Less than 1% of entrepreneurs ever create this tool and many that have it don’t know how to use it.

This one tool has been used for decades to build celebrity, authority, credibility and expert status. You can spend time trying to become the authority and expert, or you can get a huge jump start in your marketing efforts and be positioned in less than 30 days as an authority, an expert, even a certain level of celebrity by having a book and telling the media that you do.

Tell the world how amazing of a coach you are without selling or bragging through ads or sales pitch filled seminars. Give yourself a true celebrity jump start and write a book!

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