What Others Say

What Others Say

“His passion to teach and his drive to help others are nothing short of remarkable. If anybody in the world can show you how to turn your life and business around and achieve your dreams; it’s Jim. If you get the opportunity to work with him, take it! It will be a turning point in your life that few can even imagine.”

Jason Oman, The #1 bestselling co-author of “Conversations with Millionaires”

In doing international business in the Internet marketing arena from Canada, I have to say that Jim is the best sales and marketing instructor that I have ever come across. He has helped me immensely in improving my bottom line and sales. His wisdom in sales training and marketing (especially to real estate agents) has allowed me to grow our business exponentially and land clients from a multitude of different industries internationally. Thanks for everything Jim!

James Heise, B.A., Senior Account Executive, VKI Studios Search Marketing and Web Design

YOU’RE BRINGING ME OUT OF RETIREMENT!! I’ve been an international sales trainer/speaker, the host and presenter of dozens of fire walks, and consultant to the sales and MLM industry for years. I decided to check out Jim’s Consultation Service for fun. I was staggered by his skill and enthusiasm for each individual he worked with. His personal consultation and seminars are refreshing and entertaining to say the least! I was so moved by what I learned that I literally am coming out of retirement to pursue a whole new electrifying passion that I believe will help me earn more in 1 year than I previously earned in five.

My Deepest Heartfelt Thanks,

Terry Butler, Certified Trainer of NLP, Sandler Sales, Founder of HappiGenix

I couldn’t believe when I first heard Jim give a speech at our small business gathering… everybody in the room was shaking their heads in agreement and jaws dropped open. He was relating to me (and I assume the others) like he knew me all my life.I was a self-confessed seminar (how-to) junkie. After only one private Coaching session I became an instant Infopreneur. I was literally only 8 hours away from sending in $6,000 to a mentoring program across the country, when Jim came to talk to our group. The comparison of what I was going to pay for vs. Jim’s Coaching Program is like night and day!

Vivian Revis, Info-Marketing Biz Owner

Honesty, Integrity, and a Burning Desire to Over Deliver. That’s Jim and his Consulting in a nutshell. I’ve been a professional in the insurance industry for more years than I care to remember, and have never seen anything so enlightening as what he has to offer. If the financial professionals I work with (or any professionals for that matter) took his coaching program, I know that doubling their business would be just a matter of how committed they are to succeeding. Simple, Easy, and Effective.

Thanks and God Bless, Jim Martin, Financial Advisor

When Jim started working with my office we doubled the number of patients we saw in ONLY 4 months! I can’t believe how fast he was able to get my office such great results, and all with just 1 simple technique and with no money out of my pocket.

Dr. Tom Cunningham

After my first meeting with Jim, it became clear that within the next year, I will be doubling my income with potential to do much more. My wife complains that I am not excited by much; now I’m not only excited, but dying to know what comes next.I’m a recent college graduate. After meeting with Jim one night, I can clearly see how the education he is providing me with gives me greater earning possibilities than any college has to offer. I can’t wait to see my income double time and again. Thanks Jim!

Jason Martin, Real Estate Investor/Entrepreneur

One meeting, one idea, and $500 to implement the idea… with-in 2 weeks I had a new business and a net profit of $14,000…a creative and an unbelievable Coach.

Dean Nowakowski, Impatient Entrepreneur

Two consultations with Jim are all it took … I would gladly have paid Jim triple what he asks. I plugged into 2 different strategies and will benefit to the tune of $300,000 this year alone. I used to work for a couple of large corporations, and then I decided to become self-employed. I’ve never been more confident and secure in what I now can earn. I have freedom and a path to follow that will provide more for my family than I ever thought possible. Thank You!

Chris Katchur, Real Estate Professional

When you said we could double my business and more importantly my income all while taking more time off to enjoy my family I thought you were exaggerating just to make a point. Forgive me for doubting you and actually fighting with you about the changes you said we needed to make and the marketing you put in place for us. We’re just a small school and I invested every dime I had to work with you for just 1 month. So guess why I’m writing this. Your ideas and systems more than doubled the Income here and our enrollment is up 103% exactly 4 months after you coached us. This is the first time in 29 years I’m actually going to take a vacation.

God Bless You,

John Cicco, Martial Arts School Owner

I have been in the Real Estate industry for many years and I recently decided to go back into private enterprise. I’ve owned several businesses in the past but was overwhelmed with the marketing challenges one faces. In today’s business climate Jim’s seminars and training addressed all of my concerns. No longer overwhelmed…just excited.
Jim Cohen, AZ.

I’m amazed with Jim’s New Ideas and New marketing techniques that would normally take me months to elaborate on and plan. Now I’m going to look at headlines, the Internet, and Book Writing differently. Thanks Jim

Jose L. Rodriguez, Las Vegas Real Estate Professional

Hello all. I just got off the phone with Jim Chianese after a 10 minute consultation offered to members. I would like to pass along a sincere thank you to Jim for such a great strategic plan worked out for me in those golden few minutes we spent on the phone. Jim truly “walks the walk of a marketing mastermind.”

Kevin Utt

Jim, I’ve been involved in the auto industry and the real estate profession in one of the most competitive markets in the world. You brought together over 30 years worth knowledge and introduced ideas that 99.9% of the other agents don’t even know exists. With Your “Dominate the Internet Program for Real Estate Agents” and your marketing templates that easily produce twice the results of the other real estate marketing coaches, I see my dreams coming true in no time.

Thanks Coach, Tony Gatto. Las Vegas Real Estate Agent