Hulking Out: Gurus Don’t Like Jump Start Jim When He’s Angry

Dr. David Banner has 1 quote that is used in almost every Hulk movie or TV show, “Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” Then he’d Hulk Out and Save the day. As for me?

Gurus are getting me so angry I’m about to Hulk Out.

Myths and misrepresentations are all over the Internet. They grew out of certain truths that the marketing gurus like Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham screamed about from the mountaintops for decades.

What you’re about to read will cause you stress, make you want to fight, or hopefully get you to start questioning the real world results you may or may not be getting.

The blanket statements you’re about to read are expanded on greatly in my actual coaching programs. They are almost exactly the opposite of what is being taught as “The Way” to build and run your coaching business. The result of my real life experiences and the lack of results from so many coaches not even making $30,000/yr. as a coach leads me to believe that maybe you should consider these as…well…a wake up call so you can start to earn a consistent 5 figures per month.

  • The Group Coaching Model is costing many of you $10,000-$20,000/mo. One-on-One coaching, although it takes up more of your time and doesn’t maximize the Leverage Your Time mantra, is actually one of the biggest reasons you’re not attracting and on-boarding clients for your high ticket programs. Which, when you think about it, leaves you a whole lot more time to struggle and spend another month of not closing the $10,000 client. If you are already closing people in your group programs and closing at a 40-70% ratio/prospect conversation, then don’t worry about the 1-on-1 offer.

If however, you’re not making a consistent $10,000 to $100,000 each month, yet you’re having strategy sessions or free coaching calls, and trying to close $2,000-$20,000 packages, you need to understand people want access to you. Even a few hours of 1-on-1 time in a year is better than what almost every guru gives for their “mastermind and coaching groups”.

Let me share a case study: This internationally known sales/marketing guru I worked with listened to every previous coach that told him group classes/webinars/etc were the only way to make a million dollars and leverage his time. After 50 failed strategy sessions, he closed 5 of 55 calls by following the scripted ideas from the even better known gurus. He was told stick with it, The $9,000 packages he sold already paid for the coaching he paid for, so he was a success and was asked to give a testimony for them. (there were 3 different coaching programs over a year he invested in totaling $60,000, but they didn’t know about each other, so the $45,000 he close did actually pay for their programs.)

Not one of those coaches listened to an actual call. Why should they? He was “making it happen” with the group, 8 weeks of webinars and group call in days program. Right? I don’t disagree if you say yes, I’m just going to explain what happened when I came along, spent some 1-on-1 time with him and fought with him for 3 weeks to add some personal instruction to his package.

Called back the 12 of the 50 that didn’t close on the first call, with a special offer of 1-on 1 time over that 8 weeks. Four of the 12 signed in less than 30 additional minutes on the phone. When asked, they felt his 1-on-1 time made more sense if they’re going to spend $9,000 with him. Additionally, the following 2 months led to a 40% closing ratio/strategy session (vs 10% previously) from 30 new strategy calls.

That’s 12 clients, 40% of 30 new calls vs. the original 10% or 3 clients he would have closed. $9,000/each time 9 sales = $81,000 more in his business. It took me giving him 1-on-1 time,and him offering the same to help build confidence in his program. He earned more by having personalized time to discover how to improve his value presentation. He offered personalized coaching, which also helped him close more people…Isn’t that where the real leverage is?

Here are some more myths and misunderstanding that coaches unwittingly have been brainwashed into believing and teach to the masses:

  • Get rich by finding a niche. Think Infomercials for a minute. Are they niched? Weight loss, get rich and skin care products are not niche markets. This week alone there have been 3 coaches that can’t get started because they are stuck trying to define a niche, then build a website, adjust their marketing, and on and on before the start. The Niche cry is stopping coaches from taking action. Not the gurus fault, just a brainwashing that get hammered into our heads and prevents movement in the positive direction.
  • You have to train with someone who has already succeeded. Really? (This is my favorite one to get coaches to start without fear) Mary Lou Retton, female Olympic gold medalist, about 4’11” had a 6’4″ man as her coach. Did he compete in women’s gymnastics? If a guru tells you this, he’s trying to sell you on him, again understandable, but not accurate. The guru is trying to get you to not find another option, which unfortunately puts the inexperienced client in a subconscious state of “I can’t succeed until I succeed”! This is why so many coaches stall when dreaming of building a sustainable coaching business. That discovery came from a lot of -on-1 time with a huge number of coaches that knew how to market and sell, but just weren’t consistently achieving their dream results.
  • The ancient funnel system of low priced building to high priced is the only way to build up a business. Forget that, Flip The Funnel. Do you have to buy a bicycle before you buy a car, or an apartment/flat before you buy a house? Learn how to value sell and be positioned properly in the first place. That leads to…
  • You must market and sell continuously and keep trying and testing until you quit or run out of money…which again positions the guru and the untouchable demi-god as they blame your failure on you quitting. They scream you have to have the “Know, Like, and Trust” System in place, low priced funnels, unending education, and the content is king lie! You want to Jump Start over all that? Build Celebrity, Authority, or Expert status first, then you have dynamically accelerated every bit of marketing and selling you do for the rest of your life. Celebrity sells!
  • The other side of the coin and the ongoing craze positioned as a niche market is the guru that is Single focused on their marketing approach like run Facebook ads for leads, or just being the video person. Is the niche real, and does it help them sell. YES! I 100% agree.    They aren’t the problem. It’s the coach that buys 18 of those different courses and never commits to any one of them. Some Gurus are smart/lazy and only want to teach on 1 way to teach you. Remember when Google ads were the best way, then Facebook came along…what about SEO being the #1 way to generate leads, then Google played with updates and wiped out millions of dollars invested by thousands of companies on SEO for years. Build multiple pillars to support your business but focus on 1 at a time. Your question should be, Which one? (Back to personalized coaching to find the answer for you and your offer vs just agreeing with the flavor of the day.)

Let me be clear, I teach the above too. Why? They still work, that isn’t the problem. The real problem is that with so much information and so many “I’m a demi-god” gurus claiming “this is the best way to do it” attitudes prevailing in the info-marketing industry, I think coaches have been brainwashed into mindlessly obeying/assuming they must be right and unfortunately not taking enough action that produces RESULTS!

After over 30 years of coaching and teaching in multiple industries I know what works best to get people “Their Best Results”.

I’m going to start a series of very brief videos and tele-seminars to help coaches not get trapped by old world sales methods that have brainwashed even the best gurus. By the way, many of those gurus I’ve paid for personal attention and realized they started by doing what I said above (both the myth and the opposite), but they don’t realize it.

Hmmm…makes you think, are they really paying attention to you after they get you into their program?

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