Be Everywhere, Sell Easier

I’ve been on a huge number of radio shows over the years

Celebrity sells, as much as I hate to admit it.

You see I’ve never been a celebrity seeker. I’ve been around many people that I should have taken a photo with or asked for an autograph, but for some reason, even as a little kid, I never seemed to care for that. Now part of the reason was I usually felt bad for the celebrity being swarmed by people asking for those things.

Second, I just was, and I still am, too dang shy to “bother” them.

Just a few months ago I shared the stage with big names in the marketing world like Sohail Khan, Spike Humer, Rachel Quilty, Richelle Shaw, and Armand Morin. All would have been great to get a photo with and then post them on all of my social media profiles, but even when I had Sohail to my house for dinner, I just didn’t ask.

Too bad for me, I thought I was over this “Shyness” thing when I got out of college. Now it seems the older I get the less likely I am to walk up to a person, even one that is hanging out with my family, and ask for a photo.

Interesting twist on that and possibly the reason I tend to be shy in groups is because I regularly walk up to strangers and sell internet, marketing, or social media services…as in cold-call (Or semi-cold call).

Now back to the celebrity strategy for selling. If you are seen everywhere people will tend to assume you are a “Big Shot”. If you are a recognized authority people will listen to you and be persuaded by you much easier.

Think of it this way: Dr. Oz is on T.V. telling you to exercise and eat right. You just got done walking into a gym and the salesperson told you the same thing. You ran into a person you never met before at the coffee shop that said it also as they drank their $5 frozen coffee drink.

All asked you to buy something at the end of their presentation. Who are you most likely to buy from?

Dr. Oz has the celebrity and authority, the gym rat has some authority, but the person with the 1500 calorie drink has neither.

Not too complex, right?

Put that in terms of you and your business. Are you a recognized celebrity in your industry?

Are you an authority that nobody has ever heard of?

Wait! How about this. Are you an authority that even if they never heard of you, they decide to “look you up” online but they can’t really find you anywhere.

That isn’t good for making a sale! Today people expect to see you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and have some sort of website/blog. Not just the company website, but your own.

Do you have articles published online, a book, a video, a radio show, an audio file for someone to see or hear you?

Why not? I know, too time consuming to do all that work right?

Sure, you’d much rather spend time chasing down old appointments that rejected you, old leads that didn’t sell earlier, and waste an additional 457% of your time doing a presentation that a celebrity could close in 30 minutes.

Time to close is greatly reduced when you are a celebrity.

The ability to sell at a much higher price and attract clients easier is also enhanced by celebrity.

So when are you going to make yourself a celebrity in your industry?

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