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Jumpstart Your Coaching Business is a combination of micro-courses, newsletters, and resource guides for entrepreneurs entering coaching as a profession.

You’ll learn how to model, market, and sell based on how others have successfully done it. It’s focused, actionable, inspiring, and sometimes shocking!



Want a 6-Figure Coaching Business BUT… You Fear of Selling, Obnoxious Objections, & Don’t Have Experience Closing High-Ticket Programs?

Hi! I'm Jim,

Many coaches find that fear of selling keeps them from their dream of a 6-figure income. This causes financial and family crises, and if it’s not solved, eventually they may have to go back to an intolerable 9-5 job.

Imagine being able to have prospects close themselves without feeling like a used car salesman. I help my clients use The Customized C4 SystemTM for Explosive Growth so they can easily close high-ticket programs in as little as 14 days without pressuring prospects, feeling sleazy, or sales-y.

Sales Pro Jim

Ready to Enjoy the Easiest Way to Comfortably Close High-Ticket Sales with My Exclusive Customized C4 SystemTM?


Jumpstart Coaching's Live Build-A-Business Labs

Virtual Work-a-longs: Live events filled with real-world, actionable training with plenty of Q&A sessions included.

(These are not used as a flimsy lead gen resource that pretends to teach but are really just giant sales pitches, like most "challenges" or "summits" or "workshops".)

Held over 2-3 days subjects include:

  • How I sold $105k/month, every month, without sales calls or handling objections.
  • How Scaling is Failing and What Coaches need First to get to The Top 3% of Income Earners.
  • The Dirty Secret that Free Seminars and Challenges Keep doing to You to Sell You. (Hint: Keep the list of bullet point promises in front of you next time you attend a “challenge”.)
  • Answering Objections Before They’re Asked and How to Sell a Five-Figure Coaching Package To 21 People at the Same Time.

Get Access to a Year of A Build-a-Business Lab Workshops

(We usually hold 4+ workshops per year)


The value of each workshop is $501. Why $501? I'll explain at the live event.
(And it has nothing to do with Jeans.)


“His passion to teach and his drive to help others are nothing short of remarkable. If anybody in the world can show you how to turn your life and business around and achieve your dreams; it’s Jim. If you get the opportunity to work with him, take it! It will be a turning point in your life that few can even imagine.”

Jason Oman

The #1 bestselling co-author of “Conversations with Millionaires

"In doing international business in the Internet marketing arena from Canada, I have to say that Jim is the best sales and marketing instructor that I have ever come across. He has helped me immensely in improving my bottom line and sales. His wisdom in sales training and marketing (especially to real estate agents) has allowed me to grow our business exponentially and land clients from a multitude of different industries internationally. Thanks for everything Jim!"

James Heise, B.A.

Senior Account Executive, VKI Studios Search Marketing and Web Design

"When Jim started working with my office we doubled the number of patients we saw in ONLY 4 months! I can’t believe how fast he was able to get my office such great results, and all with just 1 simple technique and with no money out of my pocket."

Dr. Tom Cunningham

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